Q:   What do our Small Installment Loan companies do?

A:  Signature Loan companies such as ours are also called small installment loan companies, make small loans to consumers which are paid back in equal monthly payments.  Our loans typically range from $100 to $1,300 and from 2 to 12 month in term.


Q: Are these loans secured?

A: Most of our type of loans are unsecured.


Q: What is our Lending Policy?

A:  We look at the borrower’s stability, job history, repayment history and willingness to repay the loan.  We base our decisions on the information that you provide us.  We look at may aspects of your application and at your credit report among other things.  We look at every application independently and do not base our decision solely on just credit scores or a scoring model to determine whether or not you receive a loan from us.


Q:  Do our offices have a bilingual staff?

A:  We want to make our loan process as easy as it can be for our customers.   Some of our offices have a bilingual staff and those that do not, help is always available to them by calling one of our other offices.


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